La Belle France - La Romieu - Blog 3

La Romieu celebrates the 700 year anniversary of its magnificent Collegiale.


… as I discovered that morning, in search of my early morning croissant and coffee.

Three excellent choices in the village.


Villagers in costumes of 700 years ago, entering heart and soul into the spirit of the celebration.


A fascinating display of materials, weaving threads and decorative adornments all still made by hand – right here in the village. The little dressmaker shop is still kept very busy making and mending garments on request.


That evening a choral concert that took my breath away. I was so moved by the beautiful voices echoing through the rafters of the interior of the Collegiale, that it bought a tear to my eye. 


When last did I do or hear anything quite like this?

The astonishing number of people in attendance equally transported added to the whole experience.


The festival continued over three days, celebrating days gone by with musicians playing on original instruments of the period. How amazing I thought, that they have kept those skills. Rapt audiences in the cloisters and out in the main square too. Young and old, formal and informal.


From one experience to another -  I was flying high by now!

Friends Catherine and Denis had long been planning an exhibition of photography at their Galerie Va Bene


I drifted from the musical event, all of 20 metres away into their premises. We chatted about the photographer. His inspiration had been the discovery of the interior of a derelict house he wanted to buy. The rotting bird droppings on long abandoned furnishings had formed their own kind of art, and he was mesmerised. 

I know the feeling!

I found myself feeling a part of his exhibition… drinking in 700 years of history, the backdrop playing host to his photographs.

The surroundings so delighted and surprised me, I had to take part! I could not control my impulse to take some inspirational photographs to see what might transpire.

Here are the results.


35°C on the thermometer, time to go home for a rest!

… Siesta time.


Could the day get any better?  It could!

Now rested, I found I had missed the earlier news of the triumphant winner of The Tour de France!

What excitement to learn that Geraint Thomas, a Welshman won!


There was only one thing for it – I was in France, I was half Welsh, I had a bike and my favourite colour?... YELLOW! - as yellow as sunflowers at sunset!

Tour de France.JPG

Congratulations Geraint – I’m doing my lap of honour in my own style.