La Belle France - Terraube - Blog 4

Dinner party in Terraube

One day this will be you or me – if we’re lucky enough to live to nearly 100!


Beautiful inside and out - almost a 100 years old, Vera is the mother of Veronika, an old friend, who like me has a house in France with husband Alan in which they spend a lot more time than I do in mine. 

Vera joins in everything, very alert and good to talk to too. She travels with them, enjoying what they enjoy whenever possible. Diminishing energy but not spirit! 

I visited them for dinner for one of the many beautiful hot summer nights this time of year.

The 20 minute drive from La Romieu is hilly with views that tempt me to take my eyes off the narrow twisting road.  Through the heart of the Gers countryside, bathed in late afternoon sun and empty of traffic, I have the world all to myself. 

It’s one of the reasons I love this part of France. Even in August - no cars, just local farm traffic.


Chilled Rose wine gift on the seat next to me.

My hosts are not in the heart of a village as I am, but an undulating five minute drive to the ancient village of Terraube with its age-old Chateau. So picturesque is this chateau, that I bought a couple of naïve art style paintings of it that grace my walls in La Romieu.


Apéritifs by the pool, then we stroll up to the house where the dinner table is so beautifully laid and in such a bewitching location, I've had to take a photo or two for you!


Our charming hostess, daughter of our octogenarian, has everything under control.

You can see where she gets it from!

And friends...


A delicious dinner, cooked by husband Alan! I like a woman who knows how to delegate.

The moon is full that night, but not orange – enough!

This party went on into the next day!